官方微博: TapTap社區: 百度貼吧:三國志漢末霸業 QQ8群:933166393 QQ7群:293787531 QQ6群:673526374 游戲簡介 《三國志:漢末霸業》是一款是由龍游天下工作室精心制作,一款回合制君主扮演SLG游戲。主要是以國人自己對三國游戲的新思維,新角度來打造不一樣的三國世界。在回歸傳統策略類的基礎上深度刻畫了三國各城市之間的地域差異以及每個武將自身能力和特性的異同,而在戰斗方面突出結合天時地利人和的調配來進行作戰的魅力。 游戲特色 一:...

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??? 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ??? Animated Gifs are everywhere, now you can create your own animated gifs to post on social networks. Choose two different images, Flash Transition will create a gif file with a animation Transition between the first and the second image. The Flash Transition int...

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This app makes it possible to Tweet at ultra speed with a shortcut. ?You can set your favorite keyboard shortcut and start up in a moment. ?You can post Tweet by pressing command + return. ?You can close the Tweet Window by pressing the escape key. ?You can attach a total of 4 PNG or JPEG files to ...

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經典到不能再經典的小霸王坦克, 小時候發夢也在玩. 在2012年我們為了延續兒時回憶, 開發了超級坦克大戰, 很多人到現在也天天玩, 除了好玩外, 因為我們提供了500張地圖. 天天玩, 玩了多年也還未玩完. 由于游戲引擎老化問題, 我們很難在超級坦克大戰的基礎上加入新功能. 所以我們決定開發新的坦克大戰, "無盡坦克大戰", 延續經典回憶. 作為經典的延續無盡坦克大戰, 包含了所有經典元素, 改良了的新特點. 保證你可以玩到下一個十年. 游戲重點: - 防御你的基地 - 摧毀所有敵方坦克 - 加入超級坦克大戰500張傳奇地圖 無盡坦克大戰, 是個跨平臺游戲, 你可以在不同平臺上找到它...

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Watermark Images gives you the ability to place a watermark stamp with a single Drag-and-Drop. When you want to prepare images for your website or blog you maybe need to place a copyright, this application avoids you spend valuable time creating a copyright mark by hand. Watermark Images saves you...

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Photo 360 brings your amazing collection of filters and photo effects on the Mac App Store, provides 260 filter effects beloved by professional photographers. Photo 360 themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity. Whether you are looking for vintage...

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??? 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ??? Save space on your computer by compressing your photos/images. With Compress All you can compress a set of photos/images quickly without complex processes. You can add your photos/images, change the compress factor on a simple slider, marked with min (minimum c...

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低面設計工具允許您創建美麗的高品質晶格化圖像,是流行的一種設計形式,圖像通常由一個又一個的立體三角形或者多邊形拼接而成,這些圖像可用于: 壁紙 博客帖子標題 雜志 海報 該應用程序提供PNG導出。...

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榮登 中國、新西蘭、澳大利亞Mac App Store攝影類軟體暢銷榜第一名,印尼、挪威、墨西哥、日本、香港、丹麥、西班牙Mac App Store暢銷排行榜,感謝用戶肯定,優惠價格實施中! 創意好拍 Camera Lens Studio? 是蘋果電腦Mac專用創意相片軟體,內建豐富的攝影特效鏡頭,超過300+款各類常用攝影濾鏡,能完美體現意想不到的特殊顯影效果,快速透過一鍵特效來即時修正拍攝情境,適合人物、風景、靜物、藝術、自然、旅游、親子等攝影主題后制編修使用,讓影像更富有創造力與情境氛圍。 ? KEY FEATURES ? 一鍵特效:一鍵快速套用濾鏡機能,簡單易用 ? 攝影濾鏡:涵蓋各...

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重庆彩票网* Big SALE 50% for a LIMITED TIME. Grab it NOW! * Sometimes you need to create a PDF file from images to send documents pictures, letters or anything else. PDF from Set of Images helps you with this task. It is simple to use and anyone can do it easy, without too much efforts. Features: ? Easy to...

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重庆彩票网本程序使用最新的卷積神經網絡算法對動漫風格的圖片進行無損放大操作,增強您的圖像并提高分辨率, 防止出現圖片像素模糊。 支持批量文件處理。...

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SimpleumSafe - strong and continuous encryption, easy-to-use - best next generation encryption app. > Organize and edit all your sensitive files/documents continuously encrypted in SimpleumSafe? > View all your photos with Image Viewer and Slideshow in Full Screen mode (continuously encrypted) > Sav...

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小黑王國受到女巫的攻擊,她把所有小白弄走困在了籠子里,我們需要解救小白,一段冒險的旅程及將展開。 在山洞里盡情的奔跑、跳躍,挑戰緊張刺激的關卡。 特色: +50個關卡不定時更新 +每10關一小boss關卡 +精美成就系統 有關更多信息,請關注我們的網站: 玩得開心!...

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重庆彩票网NamelySoft PDF Merger Software program facilitates you in merging multiple PDF files into one. You'll be able to organize files by merging the documents as per your will need. It allows you to choose any part of pages from the selected PDF files and merge flexibly to create a new PDF file. Also you ...

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--------------------------------------------------- PDF Splitter Expert is an easy-to-use PDF splitting tool to help you quickly extract special pages or page ranges from large PDF files by splitting. It provides complete flexibility and user control in terms of how files are split.You can split mul...

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--------------------------------------------------- Creating PDF from PowerPoint document is really easy. But it's quite a hassle if you want to convert PDF file back to PowerPoint Presentation. With this unique PDF assistant, Users can recover PowerPoint presentations from PDF documents and manage ...

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